Plan and distribute all your cleaning, sanitisation and maintenance work in minutes. Have complete visibility of all your cleaning and sanitisation operations in real time. Allocate to-the-second accurate timelines to projects as well as time taken to complete. Taskbox enables complete accountability of every person in every role of responsibility.

What does Taskbox do for you?

  • Predict and prevent issue and delays with proactive notifications
  • Track project and task status’s in real time vs. Expected time
  • Track employee productivity vs. Plan
  • Ensure work is equally distributed and collaboratively completed
  • Create Timesheets off the back off time tracking to ensure accurate and automatic timesheet creation
  • View in a timeline Gantt chart to visualise progress and predict and prevent delays
  • Ensure maximum productivity at all times
  • Seamlessly and instantly communicate with all your cleaners and maintainence
  • See all internal project interactions, any updates that have been issued RE the project.
  • Tag any user directly if you have a specific message to go to a specific person
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