You can filter by pretty much anything you want in Taskbox to find exactly the right bits of information, tasks or projects you need.

Filtering content in Taskbox is simple. You have a few different ways you can do it:

By Project manager:

  • Filter by Project manager, or operative with a Dropdown menu

By Dates:

within this you can search for;

  • Projects created,
  • Projects due,
  • Tasks created,
  • Tasks due,
  • Task end / start dates.

Of the above options you can filter any category by time;

  • Today,
  • The last week
  • The last month
  • Custom (where you can select your own dates to search between)

Filter by search bar:

You can filter from the search bar as well. Type a project name, priority status, progress status, or anything that will identify what you’re looking for in text form.

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