Taskbox allows you to create accurate timesheets all from within the app. Log hours worked, complete timesheets, and export them for reporting when you need.

Creating a timesheet:

  1. Navigate to the project that you wish to create a timesheet for
  2. Slide out the project profile
  3. Once there, click on the ‘...’ in the top right of project slide view and select “add timesheet”
  4. Select the date at which the timesheet is for in the left hand column
  5. Select how the timesheet will be measured (e.g. hours)
  6. Add a start time and end time , as well as any additional information you require.
  7. Select the project that the timesheet contains from the centre column, and any tasks completed
  8. Add any additional users that require visibility of the timesheet
  9. click the tick icon in the top right
  10. sign your signature and submit for approval

Logging time spent on Tasks

For enhanced visibility Taskbox allows you to log your time spent on tasks in real time.

  1. Navigate to the project you are working on
  2. open the slide out view
  3. Find the task you are beginning work on
  4. Within this, you are able to press “Clock in” and a timer will begin
  5. once you’re done - press the “stop” button on the times
  6. Sign your signature and submit this.
  7. Taskbox will automatically log this on your timesheet

Exporting Timesheets

You are also able to export your timesheets for external reporting if you wish. Here’s how:

  1. On the left hand menu, select the “...” icon
  2. Select Timesheets
  3. View all your timesheets here. Filter by teammate, project, or all
  4. Press the download button in the top right of your screen and select export
  5. your timesheets will export for you

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