The overview:


To create a project that can be shared with other users in your Taskbox account

What are Projects:

Projects allow you to group tasks and share work with other users. With projects, you can easily plan, manage, complete and report on work in groups.


Desktop (Also available in the app - click here)



Available offline:


Complete action time:

2 minutes

The process:

1. Open Taskbox on desktop

Make sure you are on desktop, laptop or a tablet

2. Go to the project list view

This is the folder icon towards the top of the left-hand menu

3. Click on '+ New Project'

You will find this in the left-hand menu (folder icon)

4. Add a project name (Mandatory)

We recommend using a name that everyone can relate to

5. Select a status (Mandatory)

The status helps people identify where the work is at in your work process

6. Add a background (Optional)

This gives people context as to why the work is taking place

7. Add an objective (Optional)

This will help people assigned to your work understand what is looking to be achieved

8. Set a 'Complete by' date (Optional)

This will make sure everyone is aware of when you need the work completing by

9. Add an ID

This is an internal reference for business use

10. Click 'Save' to complete

Your project will now be available to others

The evaluation:

Expected outcome:

To see a green success notification at the bottom of your screen.

You now have a project that you can share with anyone in your Taskbox account. If you are in offline mode, your project will sync to others as soon as you go online again.

What's next:

Add a task to your project

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