A 108 point inspection is the thorough vehicle safety inspection that your mechanics complete on vehicles to check all electrical, mechanical and structural elements to ensure it is all working in a safe and to proper standard.

(We understand there are many variants of this inspection, and 108 points may not be the number your company will check)

Why use this?

It ensures a properly prepared vehicle as well as complete accountability that all aspects of the vehicle are checked, authorised and rectified.

How digitalising helps:

Ensure complete accountability at all stages of preparation. Reduce error, improve efficiencies and improve visibility of all team mates for the best decision making tools.

  • Keep all work required on a vehicle connected to the car and electronically accessible by anyone who needs.

  • Instantly communicate relevant information to all people within the business from your mobile.

  • Complete The inspection conveniently from your mobile device, sign and review immediately.

  • Keep an electronic log of all works completed to vehicles for accountability purposes.

How it works:

  • Choose from one of our 108 point inspection templates

  • Edit, add or remove any points that you need to make the form specific to your business

  • Answers will already be programmed within our templates along with automated job generation and notification

  • Depending on answers work will be automatically created for approval and actioning.

  • Simply work down the inspection list on your mobile, relevant teammates will be instantly and automatically updated, and sign off the inspection for validation and accountability.

  • Add your own point inspections as a form in Taskbox - see Form creation for more information.

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