A job card is a visual appraisal of a vehicle that can be completed by anyone in the dealership. Typically a vehicle buyer, driver or salesperson when a vehicle is collected or sold. Usually a general inspection of the vehicle to identify any service items or cosmetic defects requiring attention.

Why use this?

A job card enables a brief but full overview of the service and cosmetic preparation identified on a vehicle that will require attention.

  • Predict and account for vehicle spend before pricing

  • Keep work attached with the vehicle

  • Improve Accountability

  • Reduce error

Why digitalise this?

  • Instant and transparent communication to relevant parties - no need for chasing

  • Reduce costs and inefficient spends through error

  • Protect margins by accounting for spends well in advance

How it works:

  • Chose from our pre-configured Job Card templates

  • Edit, add or remove any points that you require to make it specific to your business

  • Answers within our templates will be pre-programmed and automated to save you time.

  • Depending on answers work will be auto created for approval and actioning

  • Simply work down the Job Sheet on your mobile device, relevant teammates will be instantly and auto updated, and this will be attached to the vehicle profile.

  • Add your own Job Card as a form in Taskbox - see Form Creation for more

What next?

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