Taskbox allows you to create Vehicle profiles for each of your stock vehicles or vehicles on site. By having these profiles you are able to see clearly what work is required to do to the vehicle, what its current status is with work, as well as the employees who are managing the vehicle.

Why use this?

Being able to instantly access any vehicle profile with a detailed view of its status, progress and work required. There is no requirement to go anywhere to view this information, it can be done from your mobile or desktop wherever you are.

  • Save time that would be otherwise wasted chasing

  • Be aware of work required and spend before offering discount

  • Be aware of employee workload and priority of works required on vehicles

How digitalising this helps:

Being able to view your entire vehicle inventory with all required work and spend required is invaluable and allows for effective cost planning as well as simply information. Save time, increase exact knowledge of stock even down to location.

  • All required work and location of vehicle connected with it and accessible by anyone

  • Save precious time chasing and locating information you require on any stock vehicle

  • Be sure in the information you have, and know who completing checks that led to work on the vehicle for clarification where necessary

  • View stock trends and identify any KPI’s relevant to vehicle prep for improved efficiencies

How it works:

  • Simply search for the desired vehicle by make, model, registration or key tag number and bring up the vehicle profile and all tasks required

  • Press the arrow located next to the vehicle project name to bring out the slide project view

  • Click through the tabs at the top of the slide out menu to view all key details of your vehicle, including manager, job sheets and inspection forms completed, notes, photos and more

  • you now have all information regarding that vehicle in 2 clicks

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