Taskbox has powerful automation that enables you to auto plan tasks through completion of job cards and vehicle inspections. Based on answers that you give when filling in a job card tasks will be automatically created off the back of this.

E.g. Vehicle requires a service 7 days after inspection, then Taskbox will automatically generate a task that tells you that the vehicle requires a service before departure.

Why use this?

Taskbox takes the human inconsistency out of your job creation. If work is automatically created based on answers on an inspection form, you can guarantee that in an instant the relevant people will be notified and scheduled this work for approval and actioning.

How digitalising this helps:

Allows for zero ambiguity in work required on any of your stock. Ensure that the right people know the right information, the moment it is identified. Saving you huge amounts of time.

  • Automated, instant notifications save time distributing work

  • No work is miscommunicated, nor failed to be communicated at all - Taskbox will handle it

  • Focus on the job at hand, not communicating and chasing

  • Investigate and approve work generated before completion, double the accountability.

How it works:

  • Taskbox triggers rely on being activated, in our templates this is already programmed based on an answer you give

  • Depending on an answer given in an inspection form, the automation will take care of the rest

  • all you must do is complete the forms when required, and Taskbox will do the rest.

  • If you are creating your own forms, or answers - please see our section on Form Creation here.

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