The overview:


To create a Task within a Project that can be shared with other users to complete in your Taskbox account

What is a Task:

Tasks are sections of work that need to be complete. They allow you to break down a Project into work you can share and easily track.


Desktop (Also available in the app - click here)



Available offline:


Complete function time:

1 to 5 minutes

Previous function:

Create a Project

The process:

1. Open Taskbox on desktop

Make sure you are on desktop, laptop or a tablet

2. Go to the project list view

This is the folder icon towards the top of the left-hand menu

3. Click on a project row

You can click on any space in the row that doesn't have data. Clicking on your data will allow you to see/edit the relevant information.

Not got a project? Take a look at our 'Create a project' article to get started.

4. Add a task name (Mandatory)

Click on the task name in the task place holder within your project. Here you can add your task name. We recommend choosing a name everyone can relate too.

5. Select your task manager

Click on the task manager name to change the manager. The task manager will automatically be the person that created the task. You can change this to anyone responsible for the task. They will then get all notifications relating to the task.

Note: You can only add someone as a manager of a task if they have the permissions to manage a task. Take a look at our 'Manage users permissions' article to see more.

6. Select a status

Click on your status field. This will let you change a task status. The status helps people identify where the task is at in your work process. Tasks will automatically be set with the status of planning, but you can change this to represent the status of your task.

7. Set your active task dates (Optional)

Click on the date field in your task row. This will show you a calendar to select active task dates. Adding dates to your task makes sure everyone is aware of when your task will be completed.

Does your work re-occur on a routine basis? Take a look at our 'Create a routine task' article to help guide you.

8. Set your task priority

Click on your priority arrow to change the priority. Priorities allow you to label the importance of work and when it needs to be complete.

9. Share your task

On creation of a task, the person creating the task will be automatically assigned. Click on the number of users to add new users.

10. Add task to do's

Click on the total of to do's in order to add new to do's.

Want to know more about to do's? Take a look at our 'How to create a task to do' article for more info.

You now have a task created, that has the basic information required for others to start work. Need to add some more information? Follow the next steps

11. Click into your task

Click anywhere on the row of your task to be taken into your task profile

12. Add an ID

Click next to the task ID title. Here you can add a task ID. This is an internal reference for business use and you can add anything you like into it.

13. Set a due date

Click next to the due date title. Here you can specify when the task must be complete by. This is good for people who will need to add active dates in the future.

14. Add a task type

Click next to the type field. Here you can label the task as a type of work. This can also automatically add To Do's on your task.

Want to know how to create a Task Type? Take a look at our 'How to create a task type' article for more information.

15. Add a task location

Click to the right of the location title. Here you can search google maps to add a location.

16. Add a task overview

Click below the overview title. Here you can add information about the task and what needs to be complete

The evaluation:

Expected outcome:

To see a complete task on all devices.

You now have the perfect task that you can share with anyone in your Taskbox account. If you are in offline mode, your task will sync to others as soon as you go online again.

What's next:

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