The overview:

Tasks allow you to break projects down into measurable pieces of work. Task allow you to always know what needs doing, when it needs doing and by who. There are a couple of different ways to create tasks in Taskbox, so lets take a look.

In the mobile app:

In the desktop app:

The process:

  1. Open the taskbox dashboard

  2. Click on the + button

    1. This will be the + in the task widget on the desktop

    2. This will be the + in the footer on mobile

  3. Select your project

  4. Add a task name

  5. Add an overview of what needs doing

  6. Set your status so people know where the work is at

  7. Change your priority based on urgency

  8. Specify when your work needs completing

  9. Need to add more details? Click on show more

  10. Save to publish your new task

Quick add tasks on desktop

  1. Open desktop

  2. Click into the project list (The folder icon in left-hand menu)

  3. Expand your project by click on the down arrow next to your project name

  4. Type a new task name in the enter field

  5. Click enter to add - Your task is now live

  6. Click on the manager's name to change the manager

  7. Click on the status to change the status

  8. Click on the dates to change the dates

  9. Click on the priority arrow to change the priority

  10. Click on the users total to share the task with others

  11. Click on the to do's total to add a checklist of things to do

  12. Click on the notes total to add a note

Want to know more about Tasks?

Head over to the task section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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