Taskbox allows you to auto log work as and when it begins and ends on a vehicle. Based on the job card that has been created for the vehicle, work will be assigned to the relevant departments for completion. Once a worker begins this will be updated against the project, and once completed, this will be shown and updated in the project.

Why use this?

By having clear visibility of work completed, and currently in progress on all vehicles you can see who is working on what at any given time. This will benefit your planning and also give you visibility on statuses of your vehicles in real time.

  • Clearly see who is working on what, and for how long they have been working

  • View where inefficient time wastage is coming from.

  • Real-time updates for buyers and car sellers on when they can expect their vehicles to be ready for the next stages, as well as those involved with further preparation and valet.

How digitalising this helps:

Real time visibility even down to the time taken on a specific job is something that has never been seen before in the Automotive industry. Information on any vehicle is accessible instantly and digitally, even down to current status within prep.

  • Automatically link work up to timesheets to calculate hours worked.

  • Real time information for buyers, sellers, and other prep stages of the vehicle to ensure work is completed without overlap or inefficiency

  • Better calculation of logistics of all stock cars on site and prep departments

How it works

  • When assigned a task that you are starting, a worker must simply click into the task you are beginning to bring up the slide-out task profile

  • In the top grey bar where you can see “Task Details” simply press the “Clock in” icon in the right hand corner of the pop out. A timer will begin.

  • Go ahead and complete your task, and when you’re done press the Stop button next to the same timer, and sign with your signature to confirm completion.

  • The time will be automatically allocated to the task, and your timesheet where necessary

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