Taskbox creates a vast and valuable library of all work completed to vehicles, as well as time in stock and many many other KPI’s, clearly formatted in whatever way you need.

Why use this?

Enables managers and directors to be able to evaluate KPI’s to make future business decisions. See what stock is working, what is causing problems, and where you can adjust your model to enhance revenues and profits. Information is accessible in one place, instantly and up to date.

How Digitalising this helps:

Having this digitalised and in one place, easily accessible means that no time is wasted looking for the information that is going to benefit your business. The information may never have even been accessible to you before & therefore no operational improvements can be seen. Taskbox makes this as easy as possible to act upon.

  • Key performance data can be accessed instantly

  • Data is always up to date in real-time. No delays

  • Make better business decisions, and continually improve operations

  • Benefit from better efficiencies and cost planning

How it works

  • Within the taskbox app, locate the sidebar on the far left hand side with your project views

  • Click the “...” located underneath the map icon

  • Click “Forms” - you will be taken to your form library

  • In the bar at the top of the screen where you have “library” highlighted in yellow, press “Report” located directly to the right of this in black. You can now see your reporting dashboard

  • Here you can filter by user, form and any other key metric to display your decision making and reporting data.

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