Taskbox enables instant and customisable notifications directly to your mobile device. Receive notifications of vehicles you are assigned to, be it one you have sold as a salesman, or one you need to work on as a mechanic or Bodyshop operative, or a vehicle you have coming into stock as a buyer.

Why use this?

Often, keeping up to date on a vehicle you are responsible for or have a part to play in involves calling various departments, and physically viewing the car to be updated on progress. With Taskbox, this is a thing of the past.

How digitalising this helps

Taskbox proactively notifies you of stages completed to the vehicle so you never have to spend time chasing, and can focus on the job at hand. It enables seamless collaboration between all the moving parts of the business and means there is never anyone who isn’t “in the know”.

  • Be up to date in real time goings on of multiple vehicles you need to be aware of.

  • Get updates from anywhere and save time searching for information

  • Focus entirely on your job at hand, and let Taskbox do the notifying proactively.

  • Be efficient every moment of the day

How it works

You will receive email, in app, and posh notification son a mobile for any of the following updates:

  • New Projects created and assigned to you

  • Tasks assigned to you for completion

  • Forms assigned for you to complete or review

  • Issues created for your attention

  • Notes with projects or tasks that you are assigned to

  • Any photo you are assigned to, or any responses to a photo you have attached to a project

  • Timesheets created for you to complete

  • If one of your timesheets are rejected

  • If there is a priority change on one of your projects

  • If a status of a task within one of your projects or tasks are changed

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