What are routine tasks?

A routine task is a task that automatically gets created on a time frame basis. This can be every day, every week, every month or on a personal custom basis.

How to create a routine task in the desktop app:

  1. Open your taskbox app

  2. Click into the task view

  3. Click on the + button in the top right

  4. Select your project

  5. Add a task name

  6. Add an overview of what needs doing

  7. Set your status so people know where the work is at

  8. Change your priority based on urgency

  9. Specify when your work needs completing

  10. Click on 'Add more info'

  11. Select the first task start date (Select the all-day field if it is not an all-day task)

  12. Click on the 'Repeat fequency' field

  13. Select the time frame you would like the task to repeat on

  14. Then select the date you would like the tasks to repeat until

  15. Click save to publish your new task

Congratulations! You now have a task created that repeats for the future.

Want to know more about Tasks?

Head over to the task section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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