Taskbox Syncs all of your work in the background, you are not required to do anything extra in order for the app to begin syncing all your work data. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

  • Taskbox will automatically sync the last 90 days worth of data for you to be able to use at a moments notice if your device goes into offline mode.

  • Taskbox will automatically prioritise sync to the specific users data, so the work that is relevant to you will always be prioritised for syncing first.

  • Whenever you visit a new page or project, or create anything at all, Taskbox will automatically sync this so that you can access.

  • The app syncs every second you are on the app, so there will never be any delay.

It’s that simple. Your last 90 days worth of data synchronised every second, so that you can take Taskbox offline whenever you need

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