The overview:


To create a Task within a Project that can be shared with other users to complete in your Taskbox account

What is a Task:

Tasks are sections of work that need to be complete. They allow you to break down a Project into work you can share and easily track.


Mobile (Also available in the desktop app - click here)



Available offline:


Complete action time:

Up to 3 minutes

The process:

1. Open your Taskbox mobile app

Make sure you are on mobile phone (not using the iPad app)

Not got the mobile app? Take a look at our 'Download the mobile app' for more info

2. Click the '+' button

You will find this in the bottom menu on the home page

3. Select 'Create a task'

You will find this in the pop-up menu that appears

4. Add a task name (Mandatory)

We recommend using a name that everyone can relate to

5. Select a status (Mandatory)

The status helps people identify where the task is at in your work process

6. Add an objective (Optional)

This gives people an overall goal you are looking to achieve with your Task.

7. Add an ID (Optional)

This is an internal reference for business use

8. Set your task start and end dates (Optional)

This will make sure everyone is aware of when you need the work will be complete

9. Add a task type (Optional)

Task types label the work required for others. This also automatically adds any to do's associated with the task type.

11. Set priority (Optional)

Prioritise the work you need completing for others to see and manage

12. Add a location (Optional)

Search based on google maps to allocate the location of work

13. Click 'Save' to complete

Your task will now be available to others

The evaluation:

Expected outcome:

To see a green success notification at the bottom of your screen.

You now have a task that you can share with anyone in your Taskbox account. If you are in offline mode, your task will sync to others as soon as you go online again.

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