Taskbox for Desktop allows you to have a wider and more detailed visual view of your operations you are with within the app.

How it works

Desktop works on any chrome-based desktop or laptop device, as well as tablets, benefitting from this browser.

Desktop is primarily focussed towards planning, tracking and reporting on your projects - but you can still use it for anything that you require, including completing projects and forms if you wish.


Desktop gives you a larger screen area to be able to use to visualise your projects, workflows, and all elements of your operations. You are able to clearly and visually track progress of multiple projects and tasks, as well as easily create and view reports generated.

Taskbox Desktop enables you to easily download any files you require, as well as upload files to the app, for you to be able to distribute externally if emailing is required.

How to Access Taskbox Desktop:

  1. Visit app.taskbox.io in your chrome based browser

  2. Login using your username and password (link to username and password)

  3. your Taskbox Desktop will be there, set up and ready for productivity

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