Taskbox has three different apps you can log into. The desktop app, tablet app or mobile app. Whichever platform you want to log into, the process is the same.

1. Access your invite email

This email is sent to you when you are added to Taskbox. If you haven't been added to Taskbox yet, ask a manager in your business to add you as a new user.

2. Click the set password button

This is button is located halfway down your invite email

3. Go to your app

Open any of the following:

4. Enter your email address

This is the email address you received your invite too.

5. Add your new password

This is the password you entered in step 2

6. Click enter

You will now have access to Taskbox

Additional information:

If you struggle to find your invite email, you can simply reset your password in order to be able to gain access. Take a look at our 'How to reset your password' article to see more.

Once you're logged in, we recommend taking a look at our 'Getting Started' articles to learn more about what Taskbox has to offer.

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