Taskbox for the construction industry enables you to closely manage and collaborate on your projects across all levels and sites from the ground up.

It allows simple planning of a vast number of projects wherever they are taking place, complete with accurate Timelines, real-time progress visibility, allowing for prediction and prevention of issue and delay.

It is designed to enable a free and accurate flow of information so you can manage your construction projects closely and proactively.

  • Plan and distribute work in minutes

  • Templates for all your regular paperwork and forms

  • Complete accountability of every person on site.

  • Complete risk assessments, H&S reports, method statements and project reports through the app

  • Distribute toolbox talks in seconds, and sign anything from your mobile device wherever you are.

  • Predict and prevent issue and delays with proactive notifications

  • Transparency of data and real-time information

  • Automated issue logging and task creation from form completion of forms

  • Promotes efficiency in your business without you needing to change anything

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