The overview:


To create a to do within a task, so people know what needs completing for a task.

What is a To Do:

A task to do is exactly what it says, something for you to do. These can be simple checklist items or they can be linked to completing forms, taking photos, logging timesheets and more.


Mobile (Also available in the app - click here)


To Do

Available offline:


Complete action time:

1 to 2 minutes

Previous function:

Create a task

The process:

1. Open Taskbox mobile app

Make sure you are using the mobile app

2. Go to the task list

This is the list icon in the bottom menu

3. Click into your task

You can use filters at the top of the screen to find the exact task you need. Click on the tile for the task.

4. Click on the + icon in the footer menu

This will show you a menu of all things you can add to a task

5. Click on the 'Add to do' button

This will then present the option to add a new To Do

6. Add your To Do

Name your to do something people will relate too

7. Click Submit

Your To Do will now be available in your task

The evaluation:

Expected outcome:

Yout To Do will be available for anyone to complete. When you add new To Do items to a task, the task totals will increase and represent the number of To Do's you have remaining to complete.

Want to create advanced To Do's?

Sometimes To Do's require collecting data. This can be a general form, survey, inspection, photos, timesheets and more. Check out our other To Do articles to find out how to automatically link to collecting data on click.

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