Taskbox allows you to monitor health and safety with ease. Manage compliance at all stages as well as not having to spend unnecessary time planning and implementing such things.

What can you do?

  • Have all your previously competed health and safety documentation within the app for accountability and due diligence

  • Templates of health and safety reports for construction already built within the app to use immediately

  • Near miss reporting available

  • Accident log reporting available

  • Create your own health and safety forms once, and duplicate indefinitely whenever you need them for quick completion, distribution on signing.

  • Update existing health and safety reports if a safety hazard arises, and instant notifications will let everyone know.

  • Update and renew licences and certificates to ensure compliance at all times

  • Any users in the field can flag issues and have these immediately communicated to all associated

  • Map function allows pins to be dropped at any health and safety critical points on your site, locations of first aid, H&S executive, fire assembly points.

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