Notes allow users to easily communicate within the specific photo, file, project or task that they are working on. If any of these require discussion or simply a dialogue to achieve a better context, you can have this within the specific note thread. Notifications will be sent for all those involved in the thread, so discussions can happen in real time and only between those that are involved.

Where can you add notes?

You can add notes to any of the following:

  • Projects

  • Tasks

  • Files

  • Forms

  • Issue Logs

  • Photos

What can you do with notes?

  • Seamlessly communicate with all your project contributors

  • See all internal project interactions, any updates that have been issued RE the project.

  • Tag any user directly if you have a specific message to go to a specific person, simply tag them with an β€œ@β€œ followed by their name to get the notification to them.

  • See who has viewed your notes, and who is yet to read, so you know when a message has been received and who by.

  • Notes can be formatted with headings, bullet points, numbers, and even emojis πŸ‘.

How to add notes to projects or tasks - Desktop:

  1. Select a project and bring up the slide out view by selecting the expand icon.

  2. Navigate across to the notes icon (a text bubble)

  3. Simply type your note and send it. Use any formatting you can see at the bottom of your note.

  4. If it needs to go to someone in particular - tag them with an @ to make sure they’re notified specifically of the message.

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