Taskbox allows quick and effective planning of a vast number of projects wherever they are taking place in your facility. Complete with accurate Timelines, real-time progress visibility, allowing for prediction and prevention of issue and delay before they arise.

Mobile and desktop applications to ensure you are up to date wherever you are.

Taskbox is designed to enable a base to effectively plan and monitor all your individual projects within your facility - delivering a free and accurate flow of crucial information so you can manage your projects closely and proactively.

What can you do with Taskbox for Hotel Management

  • Plan and distribute work in minutes

  • Templates for all your regular paperwork, forms and checklists

  • Complete accountability of every person in every role of responsibility.

  • Predict and prevent issue and delays with proactive notifications

  • Transparency of data and real-time information

  • Automated issue logging and task creation from form completion of forms

  • Promotes efficiency in your business without you needing to change anything

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