Taskbox Ultra is a bespoke package that delivers a bespoke Taskbox platform. Including custom form uploads, bespoke automation capabilities as well as 1-1 consultations for business development and maximising what you get from the software.

The Process:

  1. Start by completing the Taskbox Scorecard (This will be sent to you by your account manager). This will take around 5 minutes, and gives us and you a measurable insight into where Taskbox can best suit your business and teams.

  2. You’ll be given a score from the scorecard, and shortly receive an email from a member of our Ultra team giving some background and details of the next steps for you.

  3. Once you’ve signed up to Ultra, there will be an initial consultation to discuss what you require from your Ultra package, we'll cover any bespoke documentation you require uploading onto the system, and the users that will be added to your account.

  4. Then we can get you set-up asap.

What do i get?

  • Bespoke automations

  • Bespoke form implementation

  • Weekly 1-1 meetings to update progress, consult on operating with the software, and discuss any tweaks needed. To make sure you are getting the most

  • Dedicated account manager with dedicated chat channels between you and them

  • Bespoke specific guides for your version of Taskbox

Get in touch with a member of the team today to ask about Taskbox Ultra.

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