Taskbox has 3 different pricing structures that work for a variety of teams. We make it easy for you to swap over from one to the other, if you find you need more or less functionality.

Here is a rough guide to which may suit you best:


  • Smaller businesses of up to 20 staff

  • Specific teams of larger enterprises that want to locally manage productivity and processes in a department

  • Small to medium businesses with field agents

  • Anyone who wants to trial the app for a period longer than 14 days

Perfect if you want:

  • A smaller number of users

  • The core functionality of Taskbox

  • An easy way to get organised


  • Medium to large enterprises of 5+ staff

  • Companies with a more complex operation involving multiple departments working together

  • Companies with a higher degree of paperwork

  • Companies that want to see the benefit of taskbox across the entire organisation

If you want:

  • More users

  • Kanban, timeline, calendar and map views

  • More storage


  • Businesses looking to significantly improve efficiency of operations

  • Larger companies that can benefit from having an unlimited number of users

  • Businesses that want bespoke packages for automations, documentation input, forms and just about everything

  • Consultations to review and improve progress

  • Reports delivered to you.

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Guaranteed improvements

Head over to our pricing page to find out more.

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