Taskbox calendar works exactly as a conventional calendar does - but with a bit extra. Click into calendar view and you’ll see the calendar, and any tasks if any you have on the day.

  • Days which have tasks outstanding will be badge with a yellow icon.

  • If you select a date with a yellow badge you will see a list fo all the tasks you are required to do on that day, along with their priority rating, status and other elements.

You can just right into the following from your calendar view

  • Projects for a task

  • Task profile

  • Issue case files, or create one

  • Notes sent, or send a new one

  • Forms to complete or create a new one

  • Media attached to the given task

  • Timesheets completed or required

  • Project manager profile

Any of the above that are outstanding or have something to view will be badged with the Sam yellow icon that the calendar is badged with so you know what you can action.

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