How to add your teammates into a task or project that they’ll be working on with you:


Add teammates to a project or task that they’ll be working on.

Why add users?

Assigning teammates to projects and tasks will let them know that they need to do them. They’ll receive notification and it will appear on their work dashboard as an item to complete. It saves you time allocating work to multiple team members - we’ll do it for you.




Projects & Tasks

Available Offline:


Complete Action:

1 minute

The Process:

  1. Open Taskbox on your Desktop or tablet

2. Go to the project you wish to assign a teammate to. If you haven’t created one yet, see create a project.

(Once completed the project view will slide out from the right hand side of your screen)

3. Navigate across the project details tab to the people icon and select

(Once completed you will see the project managers name, and a search bar with a Dropdown menu)

4. Begin typing the users name that requires adding to the project and select.

5. If you need to add a user to a specific task within your project, simply navigate one more tab to the right to view tasks for the project. If you haven’t created any then view create a task. Once done, click on the task.

6. Project view will slide and be replaced with your task view. You’ll notice that the navigation icons are identical. Click on the user icon again.

7. Begin typing the users name, and select.

8. That’s it - you’re all done

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