Adding locations into taskbox is a really useful feature. It will help you get an idea of where projects are being completed, where your work currently is, and also allows you to locate anywhere you are required to go for the purpose of your project or task. Here’s how to add locations to tasks and projects.

  1. Open taskbox on your desktop or tablet

  2. Go to the project view on the right hand side

  3. Find the project or task you need to add a location to by search, filter or scrolling. If you haven’t created on then do this first.

  4. Select the project slide out

  5. Click on the map icon in the project slide out menu. If you are creating a task you can add a location in the create a project menu

  6. once you’re there, start typing the location you wish to add, postcode or name of street / site.

  7. Select the correct location and a GPS marker will be automatically placed with your project or task for viewing.

  8. That’s it - stay informed and stay safe

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