Adding an overview and some background to your projects and tasks is a great way to give your team as much information as you can to help them complete the project. It shows what the overall objective may be, or may explain how you would like your project or task to be competed.

Here’s how you can do it:

Creating a new project:

  1. When creating a new project after you have given it a name, ID and status you are able to add overview and background in the first screen.

  2. Simply type your overview, which will be a small overview of the project

  3. And then add some background, any content or additional information you can give on the project

In an existing project:

If you need to add an overview or background to a project that is already created; simply:

  1. Navigate to the project you wish to add an overview and background to

  2. Select the project slide out menu

  3. in the tab you are presented with, you are able to add an overview and background by dimply pressing “Edit” buttons next to the ‘overview’ and ‘background’ headings.

  4. Add whatever you require in the fields.

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