The today tab is your initial hub that you are presented with in taskbox. It is designed to show you everything you should be prioritising in terms of completing your work on a daily basis. Using taskbox help you to get the right work done, and more of it done in the same time. Here are 3 things you can do to get the most out of your Today Tab.

1. Focus on Today’s Tasks

This seems like a given, but its easy to become side tracked when competing multiple tasks. Today tab clearly lays out the work you have been scheduled to do today - organised for you to be able to get straight to it. This will be your first priority work.

2. Next Focus on what tasks are of High Priority

If you have completed your days tasks, take a look at tasks that are of high priority. If something is of high priority, it is likely that it needs doing before any other tasks and should be the next most important tasks for you to complete.

3. Then get a head start on tomorrow’s tasks

If you’re there with all your other tasks, get a head start on tomorrow, be it organising, or simply getting something done that you’d otherwise have to do tomorrow, every little bit counts.

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