Statuses are the perfect way for you to be able to illustrate to your team what stage a project or task is currently in. The relevant people that need to will be notified of the changes in status to keep them in the loop in real time. Its a great way of visualising the current progress of all you tasks and projects without having to chase or decipher any reports produced. You can simply see which part of the process all you work is currently in.

What statuses do:

Statuses are changeable icons that are associated with both your tasks and your projects.

When you have a task that is ready to start, simply change the status to let your team know its ready to start. If you’re starting work on a project or task change the status to “in progress”, and when you’re done; “Done”. Its that simple.

The relevant users will be notified of a status change proactively, so they’re informed the moment it changes.

Why is it important?

Clearly see all the work that is going on in the business that is relevant to you. Whether you’re in the office or in the field you are updated quickly and accurately. Teammates can update everyone else when they are done on a task, so that another is able to start right away. It keeps everyone in sync and informed to the next level. And being informed makes way for better decisions and productive time.

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