The Dashboard is your initial hub that you are presented with when you log onto Taskbox on your computer or tablet. It is designed to show you everything you need to action today. Including tasks and projects you need to complete, tasks yo need to schedule, notes you need to reply to and data you need to action.

Here are 3 ways you can smash it with Dashboard!

1. Clarity in the work you need to be doing Today

Taskbox dashboard delivers you everything you are required to complete today in 4 easy to ready quadrants. You are able to jump into all the relevant work from this page, as well as organise and distribute. It means you have to spend less time collecting information about what you need to do, and more time doing it.

2. One page for everything

Your dashboard enables you to effectively manage everything you need from one page. Meaning you don’t even have to waste the tiny few seconds it would take to navigate an interface if you don’t want to. The game with this page is to get all the items gone from your dashboard by completing the work - so you’re left with a beautiful and empty task screen.

3. Focus and communicate instantly

Dashboard brings a clear focus on the work you need to be doing with no distractions. Whether you get new work assigned to you for a different day, this will not interfere with your dashboard. This means that you can focus on what is important for you to be doing within the day without your desk piling up higher and higher with work to organise. We do it for you.

Any teammates you need to communicate with on a project or task - it will all show up here.

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