The overview:


To create a project that can be shared with other users in your Taskbox account

What are Projects:

Projects allow you to group tasks and share work with other users. With projects, you can easily plan, manage, complete and report on work in groups.


Mobile Device



Available offline:


Complete action time:

2 minutes

The process:

  1. Open up the taskbox app on your mobile device

  2. On the landing page - Press the ‘+’ button at the bottom of your screen

  3. Press “create a project”

  4. Add a project name (Mandatory)

  5. Add an ID

  6. Select a status (Mandatory)

  7. Add a background (Optional)

  8. Add an objective (Optional)

  9. Set a 'Complete by' date (Optional)

  10. Click the tick in the top right of your screen to complete

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