Completing forms in Taskbox is easy. Simply select the form from the list and you’re ready to go. If you need to create one click here.

What is Form Completion?

Forms can be a wide veriety of things. But they are data collection forms that your company or industry use on a regular basis. Most companies will have their own selection of forms that they complete, but they can range from anything such as a risk assessment, method statement, locking up routine, audits or vehicle inspections.

The process

  1. Open the taskbox app on your phone

  2. Navigate to the project view by touching the file icon.

  3. Locate the project that you need to complete a form for

  4. Click the ‘+’ at the bottom centre of your screen

  5. Select “add forms” button

  6. Press select form and scroll until you find the form you want to complete

  7. Complete the form

  8. once you are done - select the tick icon at the top right of your screen

  9. Sign your signature on your touch screen if the form requires one

  10. submit and you’re done!

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