There are a few key features notes include for interacting purposes. Let's take a look...


Need to let someone know you acknowledge their message?

Just click the notes options (three dots next to the note) and click like. The user that created the note will then see you acknowledge their message.


Want to quickly message someone back?

Click the options button (three dots next to the note) and click reply. That person will now be tagged in your note and will get a notification of your reply.


Made a mistake in your note?

Click the three dots next to your note and click edit. Here you can amend your note and save it back.

NOTE: If you edit a note, it will be marked as edited.


Need to know if someone has seen your note?

When a user clicks through to see a note, Taskbox will register the user has seen the note. Click on the seen button below the note and you will be able to see who has seen your note.

Want to know more about notes?

Head over to the notes section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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