Sharing a project with another user gives them access to view everything you have within your Project. From tasks and notes to files and photos. Sharing a project is easy to do.

How to share:

1. Click into the project list

This is the folder icon in the left-hand menu on the desktop or in the bottom menu of the mobile app

2. Click into your project of choice

3. Click into the user's tab

4. Search for the user you want to share with

In desktop app, click in the search field and type to search. In the mobile app, click on the + in the bottom menu.

5. Select your users name

Great job! 👍 You have now shared your project. You can share your projects with as many users as you wish.

Want to know more about Projects?

Head over to the projects section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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