The aim of Projects is to provide an organised platform for all your project information. From production details to audits and inspections, you can keep everything in projects. Let's take a look.


Project details allow you to add all the information you need to share information whilst also making sure you know what needs doing, when and by who.

  • Project name

  • Project ID

  • Manager

  • End Date

  • Location

  • Overview

  • Background


Break your project up into manageable pieces of work called tasks. Tasks allow you to plan your project down to the smallest details. With Tasks you can organise all your information into beautifully presented profiles


Share your project with other users in a matter of clicks. Know who is working on each project and also who has seen/access your project.

Forms - (Add on)

Forms allow you to collect any data you require for your projects. Complete audits, inspections, survey's, compliance checks and so much more. Users can create forms on any Taskbox platform and they will be perfectly organised into your project profiles.


Log working hours, holidays, sick days, travel and much more in timesheets. Timesheets can be created on any of the Taskbox platforms and they will be perfectly organised into your project profiles.


You may need to share files for projects to be completed. Media is the perfect platform for this. Upload photos, files, video, audio recordings and more. Every assigned user will get instant access to projects media on all devices.


Need to message someone about your project? Notes are the perfect tool for you. Simply ad a message or the project or @ tag someone so you are sure they get a notification about your message.

Issues - (Add on)

Log new issues via forms. Issues allow you to keep track of anything that goes wrong within your project. Keep up to date with any issues in issue profiles and close them off as the issues are dealt with.

Want to know more about Projects?

Head over to the projects section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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