Projects form the backbone of Taskbox. They are the tool we use to keep you organised and in control. From seeing a quick overview of a Project to diving into the work that makes up the project. Let's look at the main points you need to know.

Project row

Each row will display an individual project. The headline information for the project will be shown in the row

  • Name

  • Number of tasks

  • Manager

  • End date

  • Users

  • Notes

  • Status

Each of these fields are interactive, so you can quickly change the values within. Just click on them to make changes.

Expand a project

Click on the down arrow at the beginning of each of the project names to see all of the tasks that are available for the project. Just like the project row, you can click on each of the

View a project

Click on the project row and you will get to see all the project related information in a slide-out profile. Making changes to your project will automatically save and update the content in the row.

Search for information

The search bar located towards the top of the screen will help you find any information you require. Use the template search criteria in each of the buttons, or use the search bar to find anything you require.

Want to know more about Projects?

Head over to the projects section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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