The timeline board is a great tool for planning new work, whilst being able to see how it affects your pipeline. There is nothing worse than thinking you've planned your schedule right, then finding out you've double booked. The timeline will always show you these issues and allow you to alter accordingly.

Start with your time frame

Sometimes tasks can be short and only take an hour or two, others can take a couple of days. Set the view of your timeline based on your task durations. You can pick from:

  • Hours

  • Days

  • Weeks

  • Months


You can now navigate around your work in a way that displays your tasks efficiently. Scroll left and right to see the past and future and scroll up and down to see your list of work and when it needs to be completed.

Change task duration

Amending the dates/times for a task is simple. Click on the beginning or end of the task bar and drag to the required date or time. This will then extend or reduce the duration of the task.

Project end dates

Often you will need to know when the project your task is a part of ends to know when you can schedule work. The project end dates will appear as a thin red line within the task row. This will display the date your tasks project ends.


Often you might have hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of tasks in your timeline. In this case, you will need the search to reduce the view. Use the button filters to filter by date or person, or search for a specific project, status or more to find the work you require to manage.

Want to know more about timeline?

Head over to the timeline section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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