NOTE: You will need the Taskbox forms add on to get access to this functionality.

Forms in Taskbox allow you to build data collection templates, collect data in the office or on the move and instantly report on this data. Creating new forms for your tasks has never been so easy. Let's take a look...

In the mobile app:

In the desktop/tablet app:

The process:

  1. Click into your task

  2. Go to the forms tab in your task

  3. Click on the + button in the bottom menu

  4. Select your form

  5. Complete all questions

  6. Click on the sign button at the bottom

  7. Sign your form

  8. Click on the check icon in the top right

Brilliant! You have no created a form. You can easily add additional people onto your form to share or jump into the desktop app to export/view reports.

Want to know more about Tasks?

Head over to the tasks section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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