You've got a project you need to complete, there are a few things we need to think about and check in order to complete.

  • Are all tasks complete for the project?

  • Are there any issues that need closing? (Forms add on required)

  • Are there any notes you need to reply too?

Now it's time to collaborate with your team and let everyone know what is happening.

The process:

1. Click into the projects list

2. Find your project and click on the project to view

3. Click into your tasks and check all are complete

If any tasks are open, complete them first - Complete a task

NOTE: You can also check the total label on the project to see if all is complete. This will show as yellow if not complete and green if all complete

4. Click into notes and check there are no open conversations

Reply to any notes you have - Create a note

5. And finally, update the project status to 'Complete' or 'Done' when you're complete

That's it! You've completed your project and updated everyone involved that your project is done.

Taskbox will automatically update everyone involved with your project that it is being complete or is complete by changing the status. It's that simple to keep everyone in the loop.

Don't want your Project to show in your Project list anymore?

Not a problem. Just set the status of your project to archived and your project will then be moved into a separate archived section.

Want to know more about Projects?

Head over to the projects section of our Feature Guide. Or speak to a member of the team via the chat icon in the bottom right.

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