To get the most out of your onboarding experience, we’re going to keep this super simple.

Taskbox is designed to help your break your work down into easily organised groups.

The Hierarchy of Taskbox is spaces, projects, tasks, and to do’s.


Go to : Dashboard --> Spaces

Spaces are like your teams, stores, departments, types of work. Spaces allow you to at a high level keep track of progress.


Go to : Dashboard --> Projects

Within spaces, you will find Projects. Projects are like goals within your spaces. Then, group as many projects into a Space as you need.


Go to : Dashboard --> Kanban Board

Tasks make up everything you need to complete your project, from taking the bins out to important meetings. If something needs doing, add it as a Task.

To Do’s

Go to : Dashboard --> Projects --> Expand Project --> Click on task --> To Do Tab

Some Tasks require a little guidance. That’s where To Do’s come in. They are like your instructions or a checklist to make sure everything is complete the way it’s meant to be.

Combine these 4 elements to deliver a seamless work organisation and use your Dashboard to follow the progress as it happens.

Take a look at step 3 to continue your journey.

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