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Organising and tracking your work has never been so simple. Taskbox takes advantage of showing your work in a visual way. No more scrolling through lists or checking emails. Everything is in one place, the way you want it.

Dates by calendar

We've taken the traditional calendar, and put a little Taskbox twist on it.

Quick features to know:

  • Click on each day to see what is scheduled

  • Click the purple + in each day to add tasks

  • Drag and drop tasks from the left-hand column into days for fast scheduling

  • Click on the 'Show in list' button to discover more about a day

Status by kanban

The Kanban board is the most efficient way to progress your work. Simply drag tasks from one column to another to update the status.

Quick features to know:

  • Drag and drop tasks from one lane to another

  • Filter your lanes with the filter icon at the top

  • Use the search to reduce tasks showing in each lane

  • Click on tasks to see the task profile

  • Click on the switch icon button in the header to see projects

Time by Timeline

Follow the schedule and status of work in Timeline. These allow you to see what is on, when it will be done, and that tasks do not fall through the cracks.

Quick features:

  • Scroll up and down or left and right to navigate

  • Drag tasks left and right to organise

  • Use the filter icon in the top right to organise

  • Use search to reduce the number of tasks within

  • Click the Today button next to the filter to get back to today

  • Click on the task name to see the task profile

Location by Maps

Follow where work will be completed in the maps. Search locations and quickly add tasks.

Quick features:

  • Zoom in and out on the map

  • Click on a location to add new tasks

  • Click on pins to see tasks

  • Click on the tasks on the left-hand side to see the profiles

What's Next?

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