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Let's get organised. It's now time to get your work in and in order.

We've run through the hierarchy, and now you know what needs doing; it's time to ensure that all work is scheduled and assigned to the right people.

Set dates:

Add start and end dates to your tasks to ensure that you can see your tasks in all views.

Assign people:

Add other users to your projects and tasks to share. People will receive notifications when they are added to projects and tasks. They will also see tasks in their planner.

Kanban board:

Need to manage work by status? Use the kanban board. Here work is divided into a status where you can drag tasks from one status to another.

Calendar board:

Need to amend work schedule by date? Use the calendar. Click into a day to see what is scheduled. Drag tasks into days to schedule.

Timeline board:

Need to see when work is to be complete? Use the timeline board. Follow production progress, amend task production dates and easily assign new people.

Map board:

Need to see where work is complete? Use the map board. Quickly access the location of all work, set the place of tasks and see which tasks don't have a location.

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