You have areas of your business. No matter what the size of your business, you have areas that you need to measure progress on. These can be departments, branches, stores, locations or anything else you can think of. In Taskbox, we call these Spaces.

What are spaces?

Spaces are the place where you can organise all your department goals. From marketing campaigns and production milestones to daily checks you need to complete in one of your coffee shops.

For example:

You may have a department within your business called marketing. In your marketing department, you may have many different goals you want to achieve. To achieve these goals, you may have many different tasks that need completing. All of this would be stored within a Space.

You can house as many Spaces as you need within Taskbox.

What do Spaces do for me?

Spaces allow you to get a high-level view of all the areas within your business. From the amount of work, you have scheduled each day, to what is complete on time, what is late and what has not been completed at all.

From these totals, you can quickly dive into your work and see exactly who has and has not done their work correctly.

What do you add to Spaces?

Taskbox allows you to mirror business in an organised, easy to access app. WIth this in mind, you can add the following to your Spaces:

  • Projects - to set goals for you spaces.

  • Tasks - Break your project goal down into tasks

  • To Do's - Add instructions to your Tasks with To Do's

By installing Spaces into your workflows, you are able to take control of your business activities, with a clear view of all progress.

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