If you're not yet sure how Taskbox Spaces can help your business, take a look at our 'Spaces overview' or 'Creating a Space' articles.

Now you have a number of Spaces within your account, and you're completing work for each of your Spaces, let's see how we can report on progress to make sure everything is getting done on time.

Space overview report:

Space overview reports/totals allow you to see how complete you are with each of your spaces.

  1. Open Taskbx on your desktop or laptop computer

  2. Click into Spaces

Here you will see your Space tiles, In each of these tiles, you will be able to see the active projects and tasks available. As work is complete, the totals will count up, so you always have access to the latest totals of work.

NOTE: If a project is archived for one of your spaces, the totals will be removed from your tiles totals.

Daily progress reports:

Daily progress reports allow you to see how well you're doing each day for all your spaces.

  1. Open your Taskbox app on your computer or laptop

  2. Click into spaces in the left-hand menu

  3. Now, click on the report icon that has appeared under Spaces in the left-hand menu

You are now able to see what has been completed in your spaces. Each space will be shown in the list. Each day will display the work that has been planned for that day, broken into 3 columns.

  • Green - Complete on time

  • Amber - Complete late

  • Red - Not complete

Use the arrows next to the dates to navigate through your weeks. If you want to see the work that makes up each of the results, simply click on the total. This will show you the tasks that make up the total.

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