Spaces are a great way for you and your teams to break work down into areas of your business. But sometimes we may accidentally create a space we don't need, or maybe a space becomes redundant and we need to get rid of it. In this case, we simply delete the space.

How to delete a space:

  1. Open Taskbox on your desktop or tablet device

  2. Click into spaces (The purple icon in the left-hand menu)

  3. Click on the edit button for the space you would like to delete

  4. You will see a light grey delete button next to save. Click this button.

  5. Make sure you are deleting the right space and click confirm

Geat work! 👏 You have now deleted your Space, but what happens to all the work that was assigned to the Space?

Taskbox keeps all the work you completed secure, so you can still access the Projects and Tasks you had within your Space.

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