Projects are the deadlines or goals you have to complete within a Space (learn more about space here). Think of them as a milestone you need to complete. From weekly checks on one of your stores to a management report that needs creating and anything in between. You may have tens, hundreds or thousands of projects you need to complete at any one time. Taskbox helps you to plan and organise them all in one space.

When do you create a Project?

It is important to understand where projects fit in the hierarchy of Taskbox. They sit just below Spaces. *(If you’re not sure what Spaces are, head over to our Spaces article to find out more.)* A project is a goal, a deadline, a milestone or any piece of work that needs to be completed for one of your spaces. You can add 1 or a thousand projects to your Space. Anything that needs completing for your Space gets added as a project.

What do you add to a Project?

You will find that a project will have many things that need completing within it. For these, you can create and assign tasks. Add as many tasks as you require for a project to complete. If there is anything that needs to be done for a project, you must add it as a task.

How do you share projects with others?

Once you have created a Project, you can share it with anyone. Simple assign another user and they will get updates on progress, whilst also getting instant access to everything with your project.

How do you track the progress of a Project?

Projects can be tracked by one of two things. Your project status or the total number of tasks complete. As a project is being completed, it will move through a series of statuses. It's important to remember to keep these up to date as work is completed. You will also notice a total's number throughout Projects. This will tell you the number of tasks you have to complete and that is completed within your project. Follow these two items to keep on top of your Projects.

It's important to set deadlines for Projects

Every goal, deadline or milestone has an end date. This is the same as a Project. If you do not set a date for a project, you are not sharing with others when you want this project to be completed. Make sure you add a project end date to all projects so everyone is on the same page.

Notes in projects - What do they mean?

Often you may find that you need to chat with others about what is going on with a Project. Maybe there is an update, an issue to discuss or maybe you just need to check in with everyone. Add a note to a project and everyone assigned to your project will see what you're saying.

Now you have an idea of how projects work and what they can do for you. Head over to the other Project articles we have to start creating.

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