The planner is the most efficient way to see what work you need to be completing today. You can also easily see what is complete, what needs to be done tomorrow, or any other day in the past or future.

How do you get to the planner?

The planner is available on mobile and desktop. You can quickly access the planner at any time via the top right button on desktop or the bottom right button on mobile.

How do you control the planner?

Any tasks scheduled to be completed on a date will appear on that day as long as they are also assigned to you. Scrolling through future and past days will show you all the tasks that are scheduled.

What is the aim of planner?

The planner is designed to help you ensure all your work is completed on time. When you scroll through each day, make sure planned work is complete. Check that anything planned for today is being completed or can certainly be completed.

Adding new tasks to planner

Getting a task to show in the planner is very simple. Just assign the task's start and end dates to the day you want them to show in and make sure everyone you want to see them are assigned to the task. That is it. Your tasks will now show.

Adding a new task to planner

Need to add a new task to a day in your planner? Super easy. Click on the + button that shows your day, add your task details, and automatically add your task into your day.

Assign an existing task to a day

The same way you would add a new task to a day, click on the + button on mobile and select 'Add an existing task'. Here you can effortlessly search through all your tasks and assign any to the day you require.

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