When you sign up to Taskbox, we will automatically configure the following dashboard. This dashboard is optimised to help you get started with the basics of Taskbox. This article will take a quick look at the widgets we have included and how they work for you.

The clock:

Time is an essential ingredient within all our workdays, so we've added a clock for you. Click on the ‘Cog’ icon, and you can customise your clock's colour.

Taskbox Rating:

The Taskbox rating gives you an idea of how you are performing in a percentage, whilst showing how many tasks you need to complete.

If your percentage total is below 100%, this means you have tasks to complete that have been missed. If the number is over 100%, it means you are completing more work than planned.

Use the totals square to keep up to date with when you have possibly missed tasks. You can use the time date filters to see your performance over different time spans.

Productivity tracker:

Follow your work process with simple totals.

  • New - Tasks that's been added, and you have not seen

  • To Schedule - Tasks that need scheduling with dates

  • In progress - Tasks that you are on with

  • High priority - Tasks that have been marked as high in priority

  • Late - Tasks that have been scheduled and not completed in time

  • To review - Tasks that you need to check over and complete

On this day:

This one is a fun little widget that tells you things that happened on this day. Click the refresh button to see different things that happened on this day in history.


Any new notes in your Projects/Tasks, or that you are assigned to will show in this widget.

TIP: New notes you’ve not actioned in the past will show with a blue border

Daily schedule:

The daily schedule widget is the best way for you to see what is on today, this week and in the future. You'll be able to track tasks, dates, temperature, weather and much more. This will be the best way for you to stay on track.


The calendar is the best way to see the success and failure of tasks daily. Coloured dots will show for each day, depending on the results. For example:

Red - Tasks planned for the day were not completed

Yellow - Tasks planned for the day were completed, but late

Green - Tasks planned for the day were completed on time

You can easily use this widget to stay on track and iron out any issues. Just click on each day to see the tasks that make up the day.

Created for you:

Often you may find that others users in your Taskbox account assign Tasks to you. If they do, you will find them here. Tasks will remain here until you complete them.

TIP: Click on the ‘show all’ button to see all tasks assigned to you in the past that you have completed.

Want a different set of widgets?

Click on the cog at the top of the dashboard and you can add/remove widgets.

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